farrowing pen CombiBox

CombiBox farrowing

The new CombiBox farrowing pen from Schauer is a “quick-change artist” for the highest demands. It can be expected, that so far still legally permitted farrowing pens with the permanent fixation of the sows will be no longer allowed in the future. As a part of the project ProSau (AT) different systems were tested for 1 ½ years. The CombiBox farrowing pen for animal welfare that was used by Schauer within the framework of the project has been further developed, so that it can offer maximum flexibility for the possible application.

The new CombiBox is completely self-supporting and from now for the horizontally straight and diagonal installation possible. The pen can be telescoped and has a hinged element, which makes possible not only length and width adjustment of the protection cage, but it also can be completely swung away for the maximum opening angle, so that a sow gets much more area for movement. It provides especially simple assistance during the farrowing. All movable elements of the protection cage can be operated comfortably with little effort. The pen can be flexibly equipped with various floor elements, plastic slats and concrete elements. The piglets, sows, but first and foremost people are pleased with so many innovations.