free-movement pen

Organic Farrowing - WelCon Bio

The new WelCon Bio farrowing pen is patented and functional, thought through to the last detail and improved free farrowing pen. WelCon Bio farrowing pen reduces the number of piglets crushed to death and required work input for the pen cleaning. It enables the people protection during carrying out of the treatments of piglets due to the possibility of the temporarily sow lock in the feeding area.

Despite low space requirements of only 7,5 m² in the inner area it has ideal functional areas for the nest building and farrowing as well as feeding and lying. There is a field of activity for piglets and sow in the outdoor area, which is accessible through the exit door. Due to the optimal positioning of the drinking troughs animals drop dung and urine in the outdoor area. The swivel exit grid enables a quick fixing of an animal in the inner area and thus easy manure removal.