Farro­wing pen of Wels

Free farrowing system of Wels

The key element of the “ Farrowing pen system of Wels” ist the farrowing box with 2,00 m x 2,20 m in size. The box is made of three-layer panels (58 mm) and covered with a heatable lid during a cold season. Attached to this piglet nest provides with 1,1 m² place for all piglets during the 6-week suckling period and due to the lid heating – optimal temperature control. For feeding a sow must leave the lying area and enter the feeding stall.

Thus the lying area remains clean and dry. There are drinking troughs as well as a rack for fodder (hay, silage) in the outdoor area. So the outdoor area becomes an attractive functional area, and for dropping of dung and urine too. Both sow and the piglets can be well observed because the piglet nest and sow feeding place are positioned facing a service gangway. For a dung removal the separating grid is closed, whereby piglets and sow are automatically locked up in the lying box or in the feeding stall. The stages on both sides protect the house equipment (drinking troughs, hay racks, separating grid) and enable easy dung removal by means of yard tractor.