straw bedding for pigs

Healthier bedding and reduction of straw consumption

Automatic systems for bedding

  • Time-saving: automatic bales unravelling
  • Cheaper: suitable for big bales, usage of own straw
  • Healthier: fully automatic dedusting of bedding
  • Safe: fire prevention, temperature control and spark detection
  • Quality improvement: straw quality will be improved
  • Straw saving: more than 50% of straw will be saved

Spotmix Welfare automates the supply of organic materials with a maximum length of 3 cm for the pigs to root and manipulate. Ideal for straw, hay, corn silage and planer rests. DLG FOKUS Test marks Spotmix Welfare in the area of energy demand. A high level of dosing accuracy saves large quantities of bedding material. Strohmatic: automatic interspersing and clean air. Saving of up to 66% of straw, automatic dedusting and improvement of straw quality. Just switch it on and there you go!

Strohmatic (meaning strawmatic) is the most revolutionary and labour efficient technology since the invention of the dung removal system. Clean dedusting, huge straw and labour saving. Strohmatic was installed in the low-emission stall for animal welfare of Gelb (the rising star among German pig farmers).

Strohmatic Straw bedding system

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